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#04 - Winter Heart

25 tracks / 1 hour and 40 minutes (20 July 2010)

Winter Heart cover art

A Nice Cold Day


In My Dreams I See Your Face


Hearts of the Frostland


A lot of my inspiration comes from snow, ice, frost and all things winter. It's my favorite season and the reason behind my artistic name. To me, nothing is more romantic than the cold embrace.

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5 albums, 110 tracks, 7 hours and 51 minutes

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  • Winter Heart
  • Electric Moon Confusion

These albums are officially available on torrent here.

Artist info

Who's Snowave?


I’m a half Japanese, half Finnish dude from Sweden, born in 1983 (year of the NES).

I started making music for the first time with Jester Interactive’s music program Music 2000 on Playstation 1, and then moved on to Image-line’s excellent music program FL Studio (Fruityloops) for the PC a few years later. It is still my favorite program.

On my spare time, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, watching asian movies, buying weird japanese toys, hanging out with friends and going to rave parties. My favorite season is the winter, and I love everything to do with snow.

I find inspiration for my music from all kinds of things, mostly sounds and dreams, but what I love more than anything is the winter. It’s one of the most fascinating and beautiful things in the world, and I just can’t get enough of it.

Contact / Bookings

I’m available as a DJ and have my own equipment and business license.

E-mail: Click here


My Dream

To visit the Icehotel up north in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

Icehotel Sweden

As my artist name suggests, I have a huge fondness of snow. My favorite season is the winter, and I love everything about it. What I would like more than anything else, is to one day make a journey up to the famous Icehotel in Sweden and stay for at least one night together with a friend. Hopefully, I'll even get the chance to see the amazing northern lights while I'm there!

My plan

Any money I happen to receive from people in support of my music, I will save for the purpose of realizing my dream. In return, I will of course take lots and lots of pictures and videos and document the whole experience in a blog and image gallery.

I would also record lots of sounds in order to make a whole new album, filled with lots of bonus material, especially dedicated to everyone whom helped to make a journey like this possible. It might even result in a documentary/music video thing, which would be fun!

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Responses from random people

"I don't usually like electronic music, but I've listened to some of your music and was pleasantly surprised- I actually enjoyed it."

- CaptAngua @ reddit

"I'm in the midst of an all-nighter coding session (deadline in the morning) and your tunes are like caffeine administered via sound. Keep producing, brotha!"

- geek_dave @ reddit

"Really dig this music. Thinking of breaking out some glowsticks and having a mini-dance party in my apartment alone."

- turnyouracslaterup @ reddit

"That actually sounds really good; you've got some serious talent."

- theturbolemming @ reddit

"Phenomenal! And other choice single-word exclamations!"

- YellowRanger @ reddit

"Great sounds!"

- sister_savage @ alonetone (about Cast Away)

"Full of techno Goodness!!! Love it!"

- osckilo @ alonetone (about You Can't Touch Me)



"Dude! I don't know if you know what you did here, but this is the perfect music to listen to when going through lines of code or figuring out routing paths. Good stuff!"

- underwear_model @ reddit

"I torrented your first album to see what it was like, and after hearing the first 15 seconds of the first two songs, immediately queued up the rest of the albums."

- rsdf @ reddit

"This guy's love for snow seems so genuine. Fuck yeah enthusiasm! Awesome."

- montezume @ reddit

"Fucking love all of this."

- nihilistyounglife @ reddit

"Nice textures! Very clean sound."

- kirklynch @ alonetone (about Mass)

"Thanks! This is great for studying to keep my energy up. :)"

- audreyB @ reddit

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